Maximize Your Capital-Building Connections


Maximize Your Capital-Building Connections

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Once businesses get over the hurdle of start-up costs and finding a reliable team of hard workers, the task becomes generating capital to maintain momentum.

Growth and revenue projections for a business should toe the line between ambitious and realistic. One way to achieve pragmatic business goals is to use conferences and networking to stay competitive and generate capital.

Industry conferences — like those orchestrated by Financial Services Exchange (FSX) — give companies an opportunity to meet independent broker dealers, fund managers, investors and other industry resources.
In fact, entrepreneurs of all levels said they’ve forged some of the best relationships of the past several years at FSX conferences.

“Presenting companies get to mingle with broker dealers and potential investors in structured and unstructured meetings. They have several days to make lasting impressions on key decision makers from firms nationwide,” says Judy Ensweiler, executive director at FSX.
According to fund managers, the most impact is usually made during the break-out and one-on-one sessions that follow the formal presentations. For FSX, the proof is in the pudding.

To date, presenting companies have raised more than $2.8 billion through the FSX conference network.

“Investor conferences like ours play a key role in raising capital for financing, publicity and more. Part of being able to connect for success is having the time and space to come in as strangers but leave as friends,” adds Ensweiler.

Being able to predict company growth with precision largely depends on investor opportunities, and the resources at a company’s disposal. Accurate growth projections help long-term profits and affect the value of company shares.

An FSX presenting company reported that their share price increased by a full 100 percent — after only one conference.

There are ways to generate capital and attract investors in an uncertain market, and industry conferences have helped do so for nearly 30 years. To sign up or find more information, visit fsx1.com.

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